The Poisoned Parrot

Five weeks behind in English homework, I’ve decided to kick start this blog off to avoid facing the reality of the essay due in tomorrow.

To be honest, I’m not sure where this blog will take us. Based in Scotland, heart bound for California with my head in the clouds, I am still getting to know myself; I am still learning to accept myself. A keen snowboarder, traveller and virtual comedian. I am also a member of my local BSAC scuba diving club working towards my Ocean Diver qualification.

I’d say I’ve had OCD for as long as I can remember, but I think OCD is just me. What isn’t me is the perception altering illness that has corrupted my brain for the past three years.

Social media offers us the opportunity to create a controlled image of ourselves, and while the temptation to create one of perfection is strong, this won’t be that. My life is full of extremes, both good and bad, and this blog will offer an honest, balanced insight to both.

Today is day 0 and writing has always offered release. So in the spirit of good habit, welcome yourself to these writings from sanity’s outsider, and I hope you enjoy strange musing with me.



10 thoughts on “The Poisoned Parrot

    1. Writing has helped me so much. I think it’s good to share both good and bad parts of my life so people realise that mental illness doesn’t define me as a person. Thanks for commenting, I’ll definitely check out your blog 🙂


      1. Truth be told I haven’t mentioned mental illness but for me the blog is a great way to get out the eccentric bi-polarness of myself. I am 61 and was only diagnosed and properly medicated at age 58 so it was a tough road. Now I have great medications and feel great. Sometimes I can feel myself slipping towards the darkness but I then do something totally mindless and enjoyable to get out of it.But, imagine being 61 and looking back at your whole life and finally being able to figure out WTF was going on all those years. Take care. 🙂

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  1. Is the “perception altering illness ” that you mention your OCD? It seems that there are two sides to that coin and that many great people probably had OCD to some degree. Hoping that you can find solutions to your recognized problem. If the quality of your writing is an outgrowth of your OCD, then that is at least one positive product of what you also recognize as a “corruption” of your brain. I hope to read more here. Great picture, by the way.


    1. Thanks for your comment. The perception altering illness I was referring to is depression. I see it like wearing rose tinted glasses, except instead of rose, they’re tinted with negativity. Because I’ve formed an understanding of the way it works, I’m constantly fighting against it and trying to get, not a totally happy outlook, but a balanced one.

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      1. That’s a hard one to fight. I’ve had a few close to me who have fought the same foe. I hope your writing helps.It sounds to me like you are quite young so perhaps there are medications available now that weren’t available in their day. Hope so.

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      2. I have been on medicine before when it got quite bad, but I learned that depression is your body craving chemicals created by your negative emotions. It’s basically an addiction and you subconsciously look for negatives in things to get a hit. I just try to stop thoughts and try to see in a positive way instead.

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