Goodbye My Friend Ziggy

Dogs made of diamonds and a man from the stars
Together we wondered about life on Mars

You took me to space and turned years into gold
To me you were more than the albums you sold

Mickey Mouse was a cow, and that did not scare
Unlike the Jean genie, collecting dead hair

Moments of laughter, though often through frowns
Why was your mum and your dog with the clowns?

Wearing costumes so bold with glitter to spare
Normal was nonsense in a mind that was rare

Vivid colours so bright no one could contain
The same as my own thoughts so fast in my brain

Some words would escape me, their meaning, no clue
But the feeling behind them, felt through and through

We sat in the kitchen and sang through the night
Dear messy faced rebel, your hair is alright

I was alone with no grasp of sanity
You made change okay, offered me clarity

Back then I was young and you were my friend
You made magic real, gave wings to pretend

Now I’m sad you’re gone and I never met you
The planet you fell to has now been turned blue

To the hours we spent and travels so far
Goodbye my friend Ziggy, who played the guitar



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