Let’s Be Friends

Books are babes because the information they hold has to be read; we have to extract it, then hold it in our mind. People become open to new ideas when their inner voice speaks them, it gives the concept a chance. Quiet contemplation of a thought forms an opportunity for understanding and growth, simply because it is considered.

However, when it comes to social issues researching is not enough. The key to true comprehension is the ability to empathise. To put ourselves into someone else’s socks and feel the sweat they’ve left behind. Vivid imagination is the gateway to empathy, and the raw emotions that follow confirm our successful arrival. In this effort to appreciate, facts may not always be significant – to embody someone else’s life and feel what they feel is the goal. We might realise that an opinion we once had has changed, because despite hard evidence, we’ve been there mentally; we know what its like to be in those conditions.


We live in a world full of people who believe their view is the proper one. We live in a world that believes there are unmistakably correct paths, and positively wrong roads. There are people who argue, not to resolve an issue, but to validate themselves in this kind of black and white existence. People who approach problems with animosity and anger have their own agenda – to inflict pain on others.

Don’t let them win. It only hurts if you hate. You loathe these people because of the emotions you allow yourself to feel, and in turn, breed the sentiment you abhor. Don’t let festering emotions build up a catty, bitter response because that my friend, is a win for the wicked. Through rotten repetition of behaviour we despise, we join their team and are blind to our hateful hypocrisy.

Emotions are a mighty tool in understanding, a potent part of inspiration, but an equally powerful device in sustaining miscommunication and divide. Perhaps it is time to stop letting untamed chemical reactions blur our intentions. Stop trying to box everyone into “right” and “wrong”. And simply strive to progress our own cognition and educate by example.

When we define others we only ever define ourselves. To condemn someone to a spiteful label is to piss on the values we preach. Compassion comes in different forms, but it is most important to show compassion to people who think differently from us. If we believe our thinking is just, we shouldn’t put people off it by being aggressive assholes. In this situation we become an enemy of our good by shielding it with evil.

If you fancy yourself a hero, listen to people. Empathise. Don’t let your emotions control you. Forgive mistakes. Be kind even to those who are not. Create the optimum conditions for change. Better your mind, and yourself.

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend.”
– Martin Luther King Jr.



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