Emotion in Motion

You don’t fully appreciate the power of the human mind if you doubt the intensity of someone’s internal struggles. Your mind might have sound balance between good and bad, your mind might never have been taken over by something so powerful, beyond your control.

When a person’s brain locks them away in the most desperate corner of thinking, they are alone. Reasoning is on the other side of the door, begging them to fight, pleading for them to escape, but Emotion and Illness have them by the throat. Thoughts whisper of a false friend, a hollow promise.

The fluffy gremlins in your brain that put their hand up to speak are incomparable with the demons who hold others hostage. We travel this world to open our minds and broaden our horizons, and your ill judged opinion is of someone who has never left the house, mentally. You are but a bairn listening into an adult conversation. Their boat is sinking, and it’s not the same as that time you had a leak in your wellies. Get it?

Please do not dismiss someone else’s existence because you have not experienced the force of your own mind. It takes an intelligent brain to create an alternative reality, and a stronger spirit to endure the torture. The weak are not the afflicted, the weak are those who do not seek to understand. Suicide is not weak or selfish, and if you are someone who is printing out those labels, be sure to stick one to your forehead. Suicide is a tragedy. Ill people, dead people do not need your judgement. Weak is our resources for treating the mentally ill, selfish are the people who ignore someone who is losing themselves.

The opinion Sanity has offered you about an act of the insane is void. The ability to empathise comes from a developed brain, it’s time for everyone to expand their own. Put the “human” back into “humanity”.



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